Oven Cleaning

Book Oven Cleaning in Melbourne that Gets Superior Results at Low Rates!

Oven CleaningOven cleaning in Melbourne doesn’t have to take half a day and result in chapped hands and aching knees. Call us to book a service that gets better results than domestic cleaning methods in a fraction of the time! The advantages of our dip tank oven cleaning method include:

  • Even hard-to-reach parts of the oven are cleaned as the oven is disassembled to place in the tank – you’ll get an oven that looks like new
  • Non-toxic solvents are used to gently lift grease from the metal surfaces, so there’s no risk of your furnace being scratched
  • There’s no drying or waiting time – you’ll be able to use your oven just as soon as we’ve finished cleaning it
  • The speed of the process means we can keep prices down – you’ll get great value for a superior service

A Few More Details About Our Oven Cleaning Service in Sydney

Oven CleaningOur oven cleaners will start with an assessment of the safety and efficiency of your oven before disassembling the appliance and placing individual parts into the cleaning tank. The main body of the oven is then cleaned by hand. Ask us to replace failed bulbs or old filters if needed! We’ll test the oven again once we’ve put it back together, you’ll find that your freshly cleaned oven is more efficient, saving you money on future energy bills. Book your oven cleaning alongside another service, like tile cleaning or deep cleaning anywhere in your home, and you may even be offered a reduction in the cost of your services!

Make Your Booking For Oven Cleaning in Melbourne

Call us at any time on (03) 8566 7562! Request your free quote and make a booking for a time and day that suits you. Don’t forget that if you book this service for a weekend it won’t cost you a cent more than 9-5 weekday cleaning. To request that we call you back with your quote, just fill in our booking form and indicate when you’d like us to contact you.