Window Cleaning Services

Find Window Cleaners in Melbourne who Guarantee Smear-Free Windows!

Window CleaningGet your window cleaners in Melbourne from a window cleaning company which invests in the equipment to make the job quick, easy and affordable:

  • This service is easy to book, easy to use and costs less than you might expect – call us 24/7 for your free quote!
  • Get superior, long lasting cleaning through our water fed pole system using distilled water
  • Protect your privacy, our cleaners work from the ground so you’ll never find them peering through your bedroom window
  • Get sills and frames cleaned along with the windows, you’ll be astonished at how much difference this makes to the appearance of your home

How our Melbourne Window Cleaners Use Modern Technology to Get Better Results

Window CleaningWe’ll clean any window in your home up to the fourth floor, from the ground by using water fed poles. Our window cleaners don’t need ladders which makes for a much quicker cleaning process. By using distilled water we leave the glass with a surface which is dust resistant. This results in you needing to get your windows cleaned less often. Increase your savings by combining your window cleaning with another service we offer – consider booking house cleaning or office cleaning, for example. Booking two jobs at once will mean that you’ll receive a reduction against our normal prices!

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